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Container Division

Tani Industrial has been working with iron and steel for more than 27 years. Our unique detachable containers are solidly made for durability and safety. Our uncompromising craftsmen make each container by hand. We are sure you’ll be happy with the results!

Detachable Containers

10,000 containers sold!

In 2003 we shipped our 10,000th container! We believe this is a clear reflection on our commitment to quality.

Truck transportation law change

On 26th September 2003, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport updated the law governing the truck transportation industry, adding this additional safety regulation: To prevent a truck’s load collapsing during transport resulting in cargo falling from the truck etc, the load must be secured with ropes or tarps. (Truck Transportation Industry Law, Statute 5, Point 2 (Japanese PDF))

→ Tani Container Lineup

Side and Rear Skirts

These completely surround the container, helping to prevent warping.

Tarp Hooks

Our tarpaulin hooks are 1.5 times bigger than competitors’, making them sturdier and easier to use.

Hinge Pillar Ribs

Reinforcing ribs applied to the door hinge pillars prevent the door opening too far.

Tani Industrial detachable container

Container Bottom

Central reinforcing rails act to guide the container during truck loading, as well as strengthening the container.

Door Lever

Compared to standard levers our’s is 1.5 times larger for safety and ease of use.

Door Hinges

The door hinges are L-shaped and exceedingly strong to protect against impact and damage.