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Container & Truck Tarps, Soundproofing & Mesh Sheeting

Tani Industrial’s Sheeting Division has developed a great variety of tarps & sheeting to meet your needs. If you can’t find a suitable product please contact us for a custom-made order (Phone +81 (0)72-235-0310, Fax +81 (0)72-235-2229)

Tarp & Sheeting Division

On 26th September 2003, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport updated the law governing the truck transportation industry, adding this additional safety regulation: To prevent a truck’s load collapsing during transport resulting in cargo falling from the truck etc, the load must be secured with ropes or tarps. (Truck Transportation Industry Law, Statute 5, Point 2 (Japanese PDF))

We are proud to offer our Tani Sheet Series lineup of tarpaulins and sheeting, drawing on years of experience and combining it with Tani Industrial’s unique advanced technological development capabilities. You can find our lineup on display at various environmental exhibitions throughout Japan. Tani Industrial’s waterproof tarps, soundproof sheeting, construction sheeting and fire retardant sheeting are durable, weatherproof, rot-resistant, high quality and inexpensive, helping to keep costs down. Our wide range for the construction and transport industries will cover all your needs.

Our reasonable, high quality waterproof container tarps have excellent water repellence and durability. Our range includes models for light trucks, 2 ton, 4 ton and 10 ton trucks, and trailers. The waterproof container and truck sheets have triangular eyelet flaps attached to the tarp’s center line, and are specially treated for fire retardance.

Our low price, high quality soundproof scaffold sheeting range includes a very effective 1mm thick type, and a light-weight 0.48mm type that is very easy to disassemble. These sheets are made from 100% PVC, combining water resistance and excellent durability. The edges are lined with velcro to prevent demolition site dust from escaping.

Our fire retardant sheeting, mesh construction sheeting and coated mesh sheeting are certified by the Japan Fire Retardant Association. Data on the effectiveness of our 1mm soundproof sheeting and 1mm fire-retardant sheeting is available on request.

We have an extensive lineup of cheap and easy to use tarps, scaffold sheeting and fire retardant sheeting. However if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we happily accept custom orders.

Tarp and Sheeting Product Lineup

Detachable Container Tarps Truck Tarps Soundproof & Mesh Sheeting
Preventing load collapsing, contributing to site tidiness Protecting against wind and rain, preventing load collapsing Lightweight, weatherproof, affordable

Detachable Container Tarps

Tani Industrial’s detachable container tarps have many uses including preventing load collapsing during container movement, stopping pests, and contributing to site tidiness. To ensure customer satisfaction, we use PVC manufactured for wind and water resistance with a unique fire-retardant treatment. Tani tarps are suitable for multipurpose use including with arm and wire type cranes.
A detachable container tarp from Tani Industrial, covering a Tani container

Detachable Container Tarp Product Specifications

Product Description Model # Material Size (m) Eyelets Weight (kg) Price
(tax incl.)
Container Tarp
(2 ton)
NB-50 Polyester coated with PVC 4.2×3.0 26 9.5 17,850yen
Container Tarp
(4 ton)
NB-10 Polyester coated with PVC 5×3.2 22 10 18,900yen
Container Tarp (Jumbo size) NB-20 Polyester coated with PVC 7.2×3.6 36 16 33,600yen
Mesh Tarp
(2 ton)
NA-50 Polyester 4.2×3.0 26 3 17,850yen
Mesh Tarp
(4 ton)
NA-10 Polyester 5×3.2 22 3.8 18,900yen
Mesh Tarp
(Jumbo size)
NAN-20 Polyester 7.2×3.6 36 6 24,150yen
  • All tarps include elastic bands for attachment
  • Please see below for shipping costs
  • These specifications are subject to change without notice

Truck Tarpaulins

Is your truck’s bed protected? Tani Industrial’s truck tarps not only protect your truck, they also prevent load collapsing and scattering during transit, and protect against wind, rain and pests. They’re lightweight, tough, affordable, and custom orders are no problem!

A Tani Industrial truck tarpaulin covering a truck's load
Please confirm your truck bed size then consult our truck tarpaulin range below.

Truck Tarp Product Specifications

Product Description Model # Material Size (m) Eyelets Weight (kg) Price
(tax incl.)
Light Truck Tarp G-10 Polyester coated with PVC 2.4×2.1 20 4 6,300yen
Truck Tarp
(2 ton)
H-10 Polyester coated with PVC 2.7×4.2 30 9 14,700yen
Truck Tarp
(4 ton)
E-10 Polyester coated with PVC 6.8×3.5 40 7 26,250yen
Truck Tarp
(4 ton)
E-20 Polyester coated with PVC 8×3.5
(covers bulkhead)
48 20 33,600yen
Truck Tarp
(4 ton)
E-30 Polyester coated with PVC 8×4.5 40 23 33,600yen
Truck Tarp (10 ton) D-10 Polyester coated with PVC 10×3.5 54 25 35,700yen
Truck Tarp (10 ton) D-20 Polyester coated with PVC 11×4.6 62 35 38,850yen
Truck Tarp (10 ton) D-30 Polyester coated with PVC 11×4.0
(covers bulkhead)
61 31 38,850yen
Truck Trailer Tarp F-20 Polyester coated with PVC 14×5 90 54 47,250yen
Tarp Storage Bag C-10 Polyester coated with PVC 0.7×0.5×0.55 - 2.25 6,300yen
  • The tarp’s front side rope eyelets are on triangular patches attached to the tarp’s center line
  • Please see below for shipping costs
  • The G-10 (light truck) model only has edge eyelets
  • The H-10 (2 ton) model doesn’t have a center line
  • Custom orders are welcomed
  • Elastic bands are included
  • Extra elastic bands are also available (80 yen each, minimum order of 15)
A triangular eyelet patch from a Tani Industrial truck tarp

Soundproof and Mesh Sheeting

Soundproof and mesh scaffold sheeting is widely used for construction and demolition work. Tani Industrial has developed and begun selling our lightweight, durable and low-cost scaffold sheeting to meet this need. Our sheeting can be used repeatedly, and when not in use can also be folded into a compact size for storage. Our special fire retardant treatment and effective waterproofing mean peace of mind.

Soundproof scaffold sheeting from Tani Industrial Tani Industrial's Mesh scaffold sheeting

Soundproof and Mesh Sheeting Product Specifications

Product Description Model # Material Color Size (m) Size (mm) Weight (g) Price (tax incl.)
Soundproof Sheeting BO-3 PVC Gray 1.8×3.4 0.48 500 5,250yen
Soundproof Sheeting BO-4 PVC Gray 1.8×5.1 0.48 500 6,600yen
* Soundproof Sheeting BO-5 PVC Gray 1.8×3.4 1 990 9,450yen
* Soundproof Sheeting BO-6 PVC Gray 1.8×5.1 1 990 13,650yen
* Mesh Sheeting MS-1 Polyester Gray 1.8×3.4 0.26 140 2,100yen
* Mesh Sheeting MS-2 Polyester Gray 1.8×5.1 0.26 140 3,150yen
  • Products with “*” are certified by the Japan Fire Retardant Association
  • Please see below for shipping costs
  • The minimum order is for 10 sheets
  • We accept orders for custom sizes and colors
  • We also sell netting for the fishing and golf industries

Tani Tarp & Sheeting Shipping Rates

(For international shipping enquiries, please contact us)

Area Prefecture Freight Delivery
Okinawa Okinawa Please contact us for a quote We will confirm when you order
Kita-Kyushu Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Ōita 900yen 2 days
Minami-Kyushu Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima 1,000yen 2 days
Chugoku Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi 700yen 1-2 days
Shikoku Kagawa, Tokushima, Kōchi, Ehime 800yen 1-2 days
Kinki Shiga, Kyōto, Nara, Ōsaka, Hyōgo, Wakayama 700yen 1-2 days
Chubu Toyama, Gifu, Nagano, Shizuoka, Aichi, Ishikawa, Fukui, Mie 700yen 1-2 days
Kanto Tochigi, Saitama, Gunma, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Niigata, Ibaragi, Yamanashi, Chiba 800yen 1-2 days
Minami-Tohoku Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima 900yen 2 days
Kita-Tohoku Aomori, Akita, Iwate 1,000yen 2 days
Hokkaido Hokkaido 1,200yen We will confirm when you order